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"I have seen Lexx Lawrence  regularly for the past two years, and have become a firm believer in the benefits of massage. She takes a personal interest in her clients and is always courteous, pleasant and professional."


"With working out and ballroom dancing, I always have sore muscles. Lexx's massages work out the kinks and are totally relaxing. I feel like I'm floating when she's done. I'm a new woman!"


“Lexx is great.  She is very attentive to understanding your needs.  Then committed to working with you to resolve them leading to improved health + fitness.  She is trained in several modalities + custom tailors the approach to your preferences.  I strongly recommend her.”    


"Because my job is a 'desk job' my back gets very stiff.  I'd been told that a massage would help, but I had never been comfortable with the thought of massage.  Lexx Lawrence took my hesitation away with her calm explanations of what she would do and continued to be sure I was comfortable.  A1+ in my book!"


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